Sounds of System Breakdown



Sounds of System Breakdown is a live electronic music project led by London-based Dubliner Rob Costello. It began as a response to passive, head-in-laptop electronica - an attempt to bring live instruments to bear on the flow and structure of dance music.

Now it exists variously as a kinetic, instrument-swapping three-piece - with longtime collaborators Ed Costello and Richy Kelly - and a multitasking solo performance. Band members can often be found whirling through the audience with instruments held over heads, live drums and synthesizers propelling everything forward with great energy.


Electronic music’s missing link

The Irish Times

Taut indie-rock guitars and precise rhythms imbued with deft electronic touches.


…unavoidable, inventive and original.

Fresh on the Net

…one of those fiercely danceable, bouncy-electronic acts that seem to lodge themselves in your skull for hours at a time.

…the three-piece sound like the rightful heirs-apparent to New Order.


Latest Press Pack - Punishing Love EP